You Keep My Engine Clean

She’s a pretty girl
But she’s oh so cruel
Got the hands of a priest
And the eyes of a fool
Like a book of matches
With the matches all used
That’s a match to win
And a match to lose.

I’ve been a wandering
For a long, long time
My path is drawing circles
Round a straight, straight line
Piercing through a heart
That doesn’t seem to mind
Finally understanding
What it is to be mine

Oh darlin’!
You keep my engine clean
I’m trying to tell you what I mean
Stop your crying
You’re losing all control
I’m dying
To tell you what I know

Standing on the corner
With my mind in my hand
Thinking I could throw it
Just to watch it land
And maybe I’d forget it
And never move again
Never knowing where I’m going
‘Cause I don’t know where I’ve been

Oh darlin’!
You keep my engine clean . . .

You Turn Me On

I've never done too much drink
I don't eat spicy food
I don't use course language
Around little girls

I go to church every sunday
I shake the pastors hand
He smiles down upon me
'Cause I'm god fearing man

For my whole life
I've never done wrong
Then you came along
And turned me on

Heaven help me
I'm going wrong
You turn me on...

And these thoughts is my head
I could never explain
They make my cheeks turn red
They make me feel so ashamed

But oh the way she moves
Makes my heart dance
With every step she proves
That I never had a chance

Heaven help me
I'm going wrong
You turn me on...

I can feel her power
Increasing with the hour
I am devoured by her
Yet I feel no fear

'Cause come that judgement day
I know just what I'm going to say
God made woman, god made man
Told them be fruitful, fill up the land

Heaven help me...