First your sheep are going to die
Then your well will run bone dry
Then your children all at once
Your land stands parched below the sun

Then your town is left alone
For the cattle on their own
While the pigs do the same
Things they did yesterday

War! Is coming
And you’ll have to fight
War! Is coming
And you’ll have to fight
I hope that god’s on your side

War! Baby let me go
I got bombs I want to blow
I got guns I need to shoot
I want to wear my combat boots

War! Is coming . .

Watching Anna Fall

The flowers in her garden
Have begun to grow in mine
And I’m watching Anna fall
Time after time
I take one when I need one
I take one when I don’t
And I know she don’t want me
No she don’t

My back yard is barren
It won’t even grow a weed
While her backyard is bursting
With everything that I need

There’s a seed that goes a-sailing
Or a fruit temptation proved
I’m all alone and waiting
For my backyard to be improved

There’s a guy here from the city
He knows just what to say
While I’m a poor boy from the country
What I got I can’t give away

He just wants to pick her cherries
But won’t scare away her crows
He’ll go sniffing all her flowers
But don’t care how they grow

We All Died

1. I left behind old grandma’s suitcase
D D7
Kissed the girl I love the least
Told my sis’ get on without me
A7 C G
Shot down a blue bird just for fun

G Em G
We all died once before
Brought back to life
Through deaths back door
Em C A7 D
We all died once before

2. Crossed the endless wasteland smiling
Laid down beneath the empires shadow
Fought and screamed
Was bound for glory

We all died

3. I loved the land’s most luscious ladies
Leaned on crooked politicians
Put my money to good uses
Fought before we drew up truces

We all died . . .

What A Fool

So it seems
That you and me
Have said too much
We made a scene
But I thought that you
Belonged to me
What a fool I was

When I saw you
At the fields edge
At the farm you worked
On the northern ridge
I asked you where
Your parents lived
What a fool I was

I made for her
A daisy chain
A symbol of
My trust to gain
I might as well
Have danced for rain
What a fool I was

Soft of speech
Fair and mild
My life was hers
For a while
But daisy chains
Are foolish things
That fall apart

What a fool
I must've been
What a fool
To think that I
Could keep you warm
If you where cold
If you where hot
To satisfy

Oh I know
You're too young for me
But you looked so good
Beneath the apple tree
Where we watched the blossoms
Falling free
Free as fools in love

Oh I hope
That you recall
With kindness how
I fooled them all
To fall for you
Before you knew
Just what a fool I was

What a fool
I must have been
Who was I
Trying to kid
You where right
I was wrong
I'm just a fool
All alone
I'm just a fool
On his own

Where the Forest Was

// Em / D / C
    A        / D /
 / Em9      A       / G      D    / Bm      Asus A / D              ://

Let it be known
I see her in the rock face
Let it be known 
I've seen her in the sky
I want to show you by
The liberated light of the moon
How love does

Let it be known
I'm crooked as a creek bed
I'm slower than a midwest summer cloud
The summer's dry here
I'm dryer than the desert at noon
And I'll be dead before the end of June


//: G D / Bm    A    D    / G D / Bm    A      D     ://

My last thought is rushing like a river
My last breath is working like a mill
But my legs have been chopped down like lumber
Where the forest was the desert sand blows in
Where the forest was the desert sand blows in

Instrumental break over the verse

Blessed are
The birds that taught us singing
Blessed are
The fishes of the deep
And all the love that we
Will never get the chance to share
Oh my love beware

My last thought ... 

White Dress

//: E / B / C#m / Ab / A /
/ E / F# /  ://

Lady is white
Tonight this is your first time
I am a boy 
And you are my girlfriend

We're finally alone
After twenty five years there's nobody else home
So turn out the light
Come be my girlfriend tonight


// E / Abm / Eb / Abm  /
 / E / B / Eb  / //

  Oh yes, you are my girlfriend
And I am your man.

So pull that white dress
Up over your head
I am so impressed
Oh yes.

When you turn me on
why by the cow when you can own the farm
I'm cast in iron
I'm in your arms


Oh yes, you are my girlfriend
And I am your man
So pull that white dress
up over your head
Turn out the light
And be my girlfriend tonight

instrumental break

Baby be mine
A chance like this comes once in a life time
Turn out the light
and be my girlfriend tonight


Oh yes ...


I had a dream
The other night about you and me
We where wild
King and Queen of a desert isle

We had blue skies and no doubt
There was sunshine rolling out
Bees dripped honey on ours tongue
And birds laid fruits upon our palms

I was dumb
The cat caught and killed my tongue
You where right
My bark is better than my bite

Waiting for the sun to steal
Away the stars and seal the deal
I'm teaching little birds the words
To tell you how I feel

And the sun is a symphony
Setting silently
And we are stars
The night is ours

We can howl
If the birds don't show us how
To sing like them
We'll have the foxes as our friends

Run in packs beneath the spot light moon
Beneath the pollinating bats and their midnight blooms
And I will split my heart in two
Just to learn those birdies tunes