Occult Ending

Starry skies
Above the prairie
Gravel cold
On my bare feet
The pain that don't
Hurt so badly
The joy that let's you down

Before the restless dawn
Of the occult ending
Which side are you on
Or are you just pretending
'Cause I'm not

The whispering
Breeze that blows through
Pine tree boughs
Reminds me of
My childhood dreams
The love that left me
The fire dies at the break of day

Before the restless dawn
Of the occult ending
I'm already gone
As the day is mending

Spring time dew drop
Roll away
Roll away
The wilderness
Invades we are lost
In the haze
The morning haze

Before the restless dawn
Of the occult ending
It's gone on too long
And I won't let you forget me

Ocean View

Riding in on the storm
I’ve got my leather jacket on
And it’s so cold outside
Inside it’s warm tonight

The flood waters don’t bother me
I’m only scared of that deep blue sea
That’s where everything is emptying

Cause tonight I’ve got to see you
Nothing’s gonna come between me and you
Tonight I’ve got to see you
Living like a queen with an ocean view
Ocean view, ocean view

Riding in on the storm
I’m thinking ‘bout Jim Morrison
If there’s a killer on the road
I hope he kills no one that I know

Riding from the heartland
Destination: cold white beach sand
I’ll jump right in I hope you understand

Cause tonight I’ve got to see you . . .

I’ve got my baby on the ocean
I’ve got my baby on the ocean

So tell me what you want
I’ll give you what you need
I’m on my bended knee
But don’t you act so cool
You treat me like a fool
That’s alright with me

One New Day

Em Esus4/F#
1. Speak the words
Em/G C A7
You know you need to say
D G (Esus4/F#)
To her
2. Talk to me
Even if I seldom speak
You know that I’m listening

3. Hear me when
I say I cannot tell the truth
And I will not lie


One new day we’ll finally get it firgured out
We’ll finally get it firgures out
And we won’t ever fight again
One new day we’ll finally get it figured out
Em D G
And we won’t ever fight again

(last time tag A7 C A7 C D G)

4. Say my name
Its you I win again
And your smile is mine

5. But this girl she finds
She’s been wasting all her youth
And time and that ain’t right

6. Scream come on
You really ought to let it out
You can even scream along with me

One new day . . .


| |: Em C A7 Dsus4 D Dsus2 D :| |

One new day . . .

7. Serve someone
Don’t serve someone you do not want to
Serve the one you love

One new day . . .

One of These Days

One of these days, one of these days
I’ll get everything right
But not right now no not tonight
Just one of these days

Moving along, moving along
To a land that’s got no roads
If I find one I’ll let you know
I’ll be moving along

Setting things straight, just trying to set things straight
I’d like to let it wait
But it’s a sin to hesitate
I’ll be setting things straight

I’m trying to grow, I’m trying to grow
But I don’t want to grow old
I don’t want to grow cold
I’m just trying to grow

Don’t know why I wait, I don’t know, no I don’t
I’m afraid to be alone
I’m afraid to leave my home
Don’t know why I wait

Laughing makes light, laughing makes light
Even a child knows what its like
It can paint the darkness of night in white
Laughing makes light

One of these days
One of these days
I will say
What I wanted to say
To you today

One Reason

At least we’ll get a story from it
Let’s go find a nice place to sit
Where we can go spit in the wind
And confess all our sins
Before we turn ourselves in

We must be out of our wits
Like a temptress in love
We’re going to pull down that bridge
Just to watch it come tumbling down

The bank was closed
The money truck got stuck
Somewhere on the way
In fact this whole damn place is cut off

Hud was the first to go
Followed by his cousin Joe
Now they’re just souls and they’re howling at midnight
Like a thief from his hide out

Just give me one reason
Just give me one to check it and get it
Just give me one reason
To check it and get it I’ll take you all down

Confess to doctors not priests
Who you going to trust of believe
Leave the priests to the recently deceased
And let the rest of us get on with their lives

We can get that bullet out
There’s a man that I’ve been hearing about
And for a nominal fee he can do anything
Anything that we need

Just give me one reason . . .

Before we go there my friend
Where have you hidden the cash
Tell me where you stashed it before
The life leaks out that whole in your breast


Go away and I will follow
Time and space are cold and hollow
As the wind that blows above you
And the words to say I love you
We are leaves that die and blow away
And pray to the wind
To keep us

In the air we're flying over
The creeping woods and fields of clover
Green and gone before the season
Try so hard to find a reason
Trees are chained by roots they cannot run
The sun shines through
Me and you

Settle down you can't forever
Run away from me whenever
Winter comes the leaves turn colors
Country kids run to their mothers
But we are orphans and we need to know what is free
You and me