Las Vegas

Towers rising in the desert
Stretched between these mountain ranges
Dangerously paved by highways
Populated by the strangest
People and play things, dreamless sleeping
Flower petaled people reaching
Strange directions, almost keeping
With the children they were teaching
The joy of man’s desiring

I am alive!
I am alive!
I thought that I was gonna die

Now there ain’t nothing left
Midnight won, she took the rest
I rode the night train, I sniffed the wood grain
I turned my paycheck into the chieftain
Now it’s a dumb thing to be doing
But it was lasting all night
And we felt just like the gods did
When we saw the sun come out
That’s the joy of man’s desing

I am alive
I am alive
I thought that I was gonna die
Before I got to Vegas

These ancient rocks are filled with dreams
These buildings are just space craft
Do the skies some times rain down in pennies?
Is your universe a treasure?

Let Us Go

Some where in between
Mobile and Montgomery
Sitting in a gas station
Trying to make some money
So that we could go on down
To the Gulf of Mexico
Let us go, let us go, let us go

Last night I dreamt about
The girl I left behind
If I was drunk she must have been
Going deaf and blind
But if I’m in Georgia again
I’ll get her by my side
And we will go, we will go, we will go

Someone’s looking out for me
But he’s playing jokes like old coyote
He cannot stop my wandering
He cannot stop my wandering

Fixed my eye against the sky
Was worried ‘bout tornadoes
Spent the night in a trailer park
Just a mile up the road
And if I can survive that
With out a cyclone attack
I will go, I will go, I will go

Letter From The High Country

I’ve been thinking about my women
And the road beneath us both
Five hundred miles

I have got a photograph
Pasted in a book
We’re sitting on the green grass
Just as happy as we look

I’m on my way
Passing through
The high country
And I’m thinking about you
I wonder if you’re smiling
Like I know that you do
I’m passing through
One thousand miles from you

The cliffs beside the highway
Are colored and I see
Yellows, blues and greens

The yellow is from sulfur
Copper turns them green
Red is from the iron
It’s like your hair is in the morning

I’m on my way . . .

My finger’s got a moonstone
Like you got one on a string
I’m wishing for communion
Between your necklace and my ring

So maybe I could show you
These northern slopes of snow
And have you with me
On this high country road

Life Is Short

Feeling lost and lonely
Faded graveyards howl
As I sing

Cherry blossoms come
Again they're blown away
By the wind

Life is short
It's half over
Misspent in bad company

And when we pretend
To end the friendships bend
As I hide

Cache the guitar chord
Send me spinning every night
underneath electric light

Life is short
It's half over
Misspent in bad company

Life Was Never This Good

last night rambled along
dust is still on my black boots
call me a fish in a stream
called by the waters that spawned him

Life was never this good
Every new day is wanted
I am a fish on a hook
And I’m taking a look at dry land

Singing la la …

Bad boys and sweet willow whisps
Lie like the chaff after harvest
Someone is coming down from the trail
Flying a kite like a whale
With a long tail

Life was never this good
Every new day is wanted
I am a kite on a string
Feeling the sting of heaven

Singing la la …

but there’s a crack in the dam
its leaking the waters that feed us
and I’m thirsty but I’m ready too hope
nobody’s heart will get broken

because life was never this good
every new day is wanted
I am a dammed up stream
A broken dream of oceans

Singing la la …

Little America

A cold wind is blowing
And covering the plain
Black cattle forage
On the grain that remains
In little America
Little America

I see forever
And it’s just a line
On the horizon
At the end of time
In little America
Little America

My mama told me
That I’d do fine
If I stayed way from women
Whisky and wine
In little America
Little America
Little America
What have you done?

This icy black highway
Is fearful and cold
Makes me wonder
If I’ll ever grow old
In little America
Little America

A black cloud is rising
The sun’s sinking low
The forest’s on fire
I can see the flames glow
In little America
Little America

Looking West

Yes we’re heading home and I sure like looking west
I will not sleep tonight, no how could I rest
Before I get there, before I get home

Into the kingdom in the west
Where the sunset’s never ending
Where the people are my people
If I got people at all
It’s land that’s got no lightning
Where everything’s imagined
Where nothing is for real
Where nothing is for real

I got tired about a month and a half ago
Riding round the country with a bag full of dirty clothes
Missing all my friends that I had to leave back home
And my baby near the Gulf of Mexico
Yes we’re headed home and I sure like looking west
Looking west looking west

Go ‘cross the desert and over the mountains
Roll through the valley and into the ocean
Go ‘cross the desert to California
All the way from Baja to the forests of Arcata

Yes we’re headed home, I sure like looking west
I will not sleep tonight, no how could I rest
Before I get there, before I get home

I’m gonna give it an honest shot
I’m gonna do what I need to
I gotta face the future
In the land of tomorrow
And drive out all my demons
And rattle all my shakers
And shake up all my rattles
And thank my lucky stars
I’m looking west
Looking west

Losing Yet To Go

There’s a whole lot of liven
I know
There’s a whole lot of loving
I know
There’s a whole lot of loosen
Yet to go

The secrets are
Always revealed
As the midnight
Starts to steal
Silly thoughts
That try to heal

I don’t remember
So well
The start
Of when we fell
There ain’t that much
To tell

We’re just rays
In outer space
Among the dark things
We can trace
A simple form
We call grace

There’s secrets
Well concealed
Inside cages
Built with steel
I know one day
The will be revealed

I saw the moon to soon
To set
I saw the sun shine
These are things
I won’t forget

I saw the sign
But didn’t read
The letters laughed
And hid from me
Now I’ll never
Know what it means

I gotta a woman
And she don’t mind
I tell her that's fine
Cause neither do I
I know she’s lying
Almost all th time

I told her to take
Anything she could
Carry away I think
She understood
After she left that time
Maybe for good

Love Reveals

Love reveals
Love conceals
Love makes deals and breaks your heart
To love a woman
Can make you something
Out of nothing out that you’ve got

Love is full
It makes you whole
All the way to your soul
Because that woman
Gives you a reason
To keep on pleasin her again and again

I cannot
Live without love
I cannot live
Without love

And there’s fear
When its clear
And there’s cheer when its obscured
When I’m near
I get my cure
When I’m gone I only get worse

Love You Right Now

Captured in cameras
A string of colored beads
A cut up collage
From a magazine

I don't know what you need
But can't you see
My heart right here on my sleeve
And if we where free
Then I could believe

But there's something in the air
I can feel the weather change
Turning weather vane
The rooster's crowing
The wind is blowing
And I'm ready for your love
You don't have to be afraid
Anyone would say
You're the one woman for me
I've got to believe
I've got to believe

I got that picture framed
In colored glass
It's hanging by that string
Threaded through thoughts
And tied to the scene

It wasn't always here
The coast was clear
It came in on the breeze
Just like a dream
That's lost in the night

And if we try to hard
To remember what we had
The good and then the bad
I don't think that I'd be too sad
'Cause all we've got is love
The only memory worth
Remembering is how
I love you right now
I love you right now