I Believe

I’m getting through ya
I’m paddling down that river
Runs right through ya
And maybe someday
I’ll learn how to say
That I love you
But I know that you know anyway

I believe
In you and me
And everything lying in between
You’re no dream
And I’ll never do you wrong

I’ve been drinking
I’ve thinking
Without you girl
You know I’d surely be sinking
So every night
I hold on so tight
You wake up in the morning
And you make everything right

I believe . . .

Say hallelujah
You know that it suites ya
There’s a higher power
That really moves us
And even though we move around
Trip and fall go up and down
Side to side we run and hide
Tell the truth after we lie

I believe . . .


I Need Your Loving

I don't need sunlight
I don't need moonshine
I don't need good times

I need your loving
I need your loving
I need your loving now
I need your loving
I need your loving now

I get so lonely
I think that everybody hates me
The only thing I count on
Is that my baby loves me

I need your loving...

Maybe tomorrow
I won't be so far away
I get so restless
I need your loving everyday

I need you loving...

I Never Loved You

I’ll ride a boat, a boat
I hope it floats, it floats
Across this moat
That we call the ocean
It’s not to far I think
Half as far if we sink
And then we’ll sleep forever
With these foolish notions

Of cities tumble down, down to the ground
Planet earth is shopping for a parachute
We’re spinning out, blasting into outer space
But unlike the human race
We’re gonna get there with out leaving a trace

I’ll fly and aeroplane
I’ll do with it the same old thing
That I did with you
As I remember
I’ll fly over mountain tops
Dust all of my favorite crops
Protect it from the insects
Eat the part that’s tender

Cities left behind for mountain sides
With pagan dancers circling on houses made of stone
And the phone calls keep coming in
But no one’s there to answer them
Cause all the folks are standing ‘round
Trying to figure out how to build up a town

One two three I
Never loved you
But don’t get me wrong
‘Cause I think that I misjudged you
One two three I
Never wanted you
But now I’m afraid
That I have lost you

I like your shiny machinery
I like to watch the passing of scenery
I’ve got a caboose mind frame stuck upon my soul
I went out looking for answers
All I found where one legged dancers
Doing pirouettes as they fell upon the floor

And cities are left behind for mountain sides. . .

I Told You Everything

I told you everything
And I swore I never told
Another soul as much before

You’re a gypsy gal smiling
I’m on the brink of your sink
Did you think I’d get away

Even when you’re burning me
I always take it hope to make it
Up to brake it down again

Down again

This river moves slowly
Its material’s ethereal
Steering through an ancient gorge

I thought that it was easy
Before I met this simple set of eyes
And let them torture me

Now I’ll tell you anything
When you spoke my will was broke
Now I joke about being free

I Try So Hard

You never told her that she was the only one
You never told her that she’s not
You never told her anything at all
You just hold her in your arms
Tell her what she wants

One day it could go the other way
You’ll be tied down by a string
You’ll be twisted by a thought
You think its something that its not
And you’ll be lost at sea.

I try so hard sometime
And it shiver and dies and I don’t know why
Afraid you’ll change and I’ll be
Left here on the door step waiting for the sun to rise

But you said
Get it on, Get it on
Get it on, get it on
There’s no beginning and there ain’t no end
But you said
Get it on, get it on
Get it on, get it on
What can you say when you’re only friend

Why don’t you tell me what you want
Though I know it anyway
Thought it was perfect as it was
Why’d you want to mess around with love
You’re going to throw it all away

I’ve been cold and I’ve been warm
And I’ve been sheltered from the storm
Well now I’ve paid that awful price
For not taking my own advice
But when I’m lucky I want some more

I'm Not Fit

I’m not fit
To be in the company of women
I drink a bit
And smell like the jungles of India
I curse and I spit
I know I’m gonna be mean to ya
I’m not fit
To even be anywhere near ya

Don’t be down on me
Don’t be down on me
Don’t be down on me
Don’t be down on me

I had a gal
Left her on strawberry hill
Should have stuck around
And helped to pay her electric bill
I left her light
Burning all night long down there
It ain’t right
If you ain’t gonna pay your share

Don’t be down on me . . .

I’ve had my fortunes told
I’ve had my time unrolled
I don’t want to die alone
So take me home
Take me home
Take me home tonight

I’m no good
At asking please and saying thank you
I’ll lick your knife
And butter your toast with a rusty spoon
I’ll talk all night
And I won’t even tell you how pretty you are
I’m impolite
I’ll drink you up in a dirty jar

Don’t be down on me. . .

I'm Sorry

’m sorry that I’m just an asshole
I’m sorry I couldn’t fix the things I broke
I’m sorry that you’re just a little older
I’m sorry that you’re worse off than you were before

I’m sorry I never called you
I’m sorry that I never cared
I’m sorry I never drove the way you wanted me too
I’m sorry that I never changes

But if you need
I’ll concede
If you need
I’ll even let you see me bleed
But let’s agree
This is what we need
Not just what we don’t want

I’m sorry that I’m a looser
I’m sorry I’m just like all my friends
I’m sorry that its easy for me to lie to you
I’m sorry its hard to find an end

I've Been Seeking

I've been seekin',
But never findin',
What's been hidin',
Just beyond the rise

Acting so funny,
With their war and money,
They can keep 'em away from me

Danglin’ like a seagull
Just above the shore line
Waters wash up monsters
Made of ocean foam and brine

The winter's blizzard,
The snowflakes mesmerize,
Them big rig tail lights
Show me the way.

I'm no liar,
I'm no gambler,
I've lost my share
Of women and wealth that way

Danglin' like a seagull,
Just above the coastline,
Waters wash up monsters,
Made of ocean foam and brine

There ain't no reason,
I'm not listenin',
I keep my distance,
Written in thousands of miles

I'm not runnin',
Hell, I’m hardly walkin',
And I feel like I’m crawlin',
When I’ve got so far to go

Danglin' like a seagull,
Just above the coastline,
Waters wash up monsters,
Made of ocean foam and brine

I don't believe in fairies,
But I'm not so sure about vampires,
Building up their empires,
Made of blood and bone(s) and fire

Built with blood and bone and fire,
Built with blood and bone and fire.

I've Got A Truck

1.My sweetest love forever I’ve known
As I’m a truck driving man
I’ve driven these roads from coast to coast
Seen every corner of the land

Down in the south I had a gal
Who’s daddy was a rich as a king
She begged me to stay and offered me the world
If I would only buy her a ring

I’ve got a truck with a trailor to haul
And a heart that can only be true
I scorned the love of a rich man’s daughter
All for the love of you

I could have been the company man
And watched as the work got done
I could have even been the president
After her daddy passed on

I’ve got a truck . . .

So come away with me, I’ve got all that wee need
If the highway is my kingdom you’re my queen
But we’ve really got to hurry, I owe that rich girl money
And I hear her daddy’s looking for me

I’ve got a truck . . . .

If It Wasn't For The Money

If it wasn't for the money
I'd be on the train already
If it wasn't for your lovin'
I'd be out there on the street

And if I took my chances
I'm sure I could keep it steady
Steady friend until the end
You keep me on my feet

I'm was conceived by manuals
By articles and books
But nothin' there is magical
It's just as it looks

And they say the truth's statistical
But we all know they lie
So let us lie together
Lie together beneath the sky

Oh I'm seeking opportunity
Take me by the hand
Show me where I'm goin'
Show me who I am

All I need's a drop of water
I'm a seed born on the wind
I was once a flower
And I'll be a flower again

I was once a flower
And I'll be a flower again

Ignoring The Oracle

What do you get when you ignore the oracle
She tells you to love and you find that you don’t
She’s speaking in tongues and mixing her metaphors
No one but you seems so know what she means

How long can you stand to be lost in the wilderness
With a riddle as your road and a ghost for your friend
And every cool stream that you knew from your childhood
Is dried into dust and to ditches of stone

Wasting your time is fine if you never died
Wasting your mind may lighten your load
If she is right it will cost us in modesty
And count every star ‘fore we kiss her good night

Incandescent Devil

I got dressed for church on Sunday
I went down to the river instead
I wrote a letter to my preacher
Left it on the shore and I jumped on in

For my incandescent devil
Last chance gas station
Smell of perfume fading
Another nights gone by

Fish swim by like there’s tomorrow
Or a great big lake in the middle of the mountains
And a salty sea that’s never ending
With a river and stream to get between them
For my incandescent devil . . .

They teach us to read so we heed the advertisements
And this country will grow by dollars dimes and quarters
Meanwhile a bucket of blood is filling up my gas tank
I’m flying my flag I’m running the colors

For my incandescent devil. . .

It Can Be Fixed

My left hands given
My right hands gotten
And I’d feel rotted
If I knew it wasn’t so
I could get sick
Or I could get cured
I could soon die
Or live a long time more

It can be fixed
Or its gonna stay broke
But nothing’s created
And nothing’s destroyed

I’m staying up late
Morning can’t wait
And I can’t fake
It any more
I know I’m true
Don’t know about you
Let’s sit down and figure
What we’re gonna do

It can be fixed . . .

My baby don’t shake
Don’t rattle, don’t roll
And I’d be a fool
To ever let her go

It can be fixed . . .