Earth and Sky

I don’t plant crops
I don’t build fences
I don’t ride on rail roads
I don’t dig trenches
I’m just living in between
The earth and sky

I don’t go to school
I don’t go to churches
I don’t visit graveyards
I don’t know the purpose of ‘em
I’m just living in between
The earth and sky

Following phone lines
To good times and bad times
Under the star light
Under the moon shining
Down on me

I write letters
But I never send ‘em
The post script on ‘em
Is never ending
I’m living in between
The earth and sky

The Edge of the World

What can I say but that I do not love you
No, you don't shine in my mind any more
Misery may roll in like the fog
Happiness may never come at all

At the edge of the world
What did you want me to say
I've got my back to the wind
All my words are blown away

Inviting shores caressed
By the opaque water
Mysterious child of love
Is with his sea side mistress

At the edge of the world
What did you expect to find
I've got myself in a bind this time
I wouldn't mind if you helped me out

I've got to find safe passage
A harbor home where I can live
But I hear broken voices
Singing songs but the key is wrong

Would take my reaching arms
Would you pull me out by the hand
From the depths that I have swam
And put me back on the beach sand again

At the edge of the world
Could you hear my screaming voice
Can't you see that I had no choice
I'm going over ...

The edge of the world ....

Emma Lee

Do you need a ride
Or we can walk side by side
Where’d you pitch your tent
I’ve got some wine we can get bent

Hey there watch your step
Come on do you need some help
Three days and nights I’ve spent
And still haven’t gotten it right yet

Emma Lee
What have you done to me
Emma Lee
You ain’t no beauty queen
Emma Lee
Was so pretty at the festival
But I’ve got to say good night

If you need I’ll hold you up
Just put one foot in front of the other one
Light your cigerette
Watch yourself don’t split your head

I wish I had a trunk
And a bus with seven bunks
But the ship has already sunk
And last night I just got drunk

We got high, we got high, we got high, we got high

Don’t feel bad
About the good times you’ve had
Its just another night
You drank too much, you'll sleep alright