Caged Canary

Never mind the world is round
For our devices we will need a flat playing ground
Please forget the rules of the game
I only hope that you recall the sound on my name

You were bold when I was shy
I could tell what you were thinking by the color in your eyes
But there’s been a transformation of the strangest kind
I put on your glasses, took them off and now I’m blind

It’s so simple, its extraordinary
You’re a painted tiger, I’m a caged canary

Perhaps it’s late but I don’t care
Just don’t let me go disappearing into thin air
I guess tomorrow’s coming the midnight bells do chime
It wasn’t too exciting but I had a good time

I hope you don’t remember the other names you’ve had
For better or for worse in good times and in bad
‘Cause none of that matters now that we’re alone
All call you what I want to and for now I’ll call you home


Too much too late
Try hard can’t wait
To hear you say
The words fade away
Are we talking ‘bout the same thing again
If we are we can loose it just ‘cause silence is a sin

I’ll scream you shout
Three strikes and your out
Of cash but that’s okay
We don’t need it any way
Down low down get down alright
We got ourselves a song and we’ll sing it all night

In a town called California
The air is sweet
And a cold glass of coca-cola
Will keep you on your feet
Right here in California
The streets are paved with gold
I don’t care what they tell you
There’s no cure for growing old

And it’s another day
Another chance to throw it all away

I’ve got and itch
To scream and bitch
But please don’t ask
Me to get of my
Assets are frozen
My circuitry’s broke
I find myself laughing
When I don’t know any jokes

Candy From Strangers

Candy from strangers
Poison for a friend
Lady loves a dangerous man
With every step she's taking
She's taking me downtown
I don't think I'm mistaken
Yes, that lady's got me down

She won't take a wooden nickel
She won't turn no tricks for you
She's a slap, she's a tickle
But she's just a babe to you
She'll take candy from a stranger
And she'll poison her best friend
But in the end she is no match to you
You are the man
Money comes from nothing
That you're proud of in the end
Love comes from hatred
Honeymoon can be revenge
Everybody tells me
There's no one can bring me down
Except this little lady
She's the one without a doubt

Even number roses
My sunday best laid out
There's a black cat on the gallows
And a buzzards at my back
With every step I'm taking
I'm taking a little less
I'm pushing up the daisies
A tombstone my address

Candy from a stranger
Poison for a friend
Lady's love is dangerous
Lady's love is dangerous
Lady's love is dangerous
And I am a dead man

Can't Get High

There’s no easy way to say
I didn’t even leave the house today
I think I though a lot of you
And how my window pane is in the way
I’ve got no soap or else I’d clean it
I’ve got no hope or else I’d end it right now
The summer’s broke
I knew it would last this long

So take it easy, take it slow
Easy come and easy go
I’m waiting, hesitating here for you
Are we through or is it going to grow
I’ve got no patience, I’m laying on the horn
I’m feeling ancient and you haven’t even been born
The summer’s aching
How could this all be taking so long

I can’t get high
I can’t stay low
I will get by
I will stay home

I could lose all my money
Or my house could burn down to the ground
I could fake it like the government
Or I could make it for the man
I’ve got some time that you’re wasting
And it’s not right just to say it in a song
The summer’s breaking
I knew this would be taking
The summer’s aching
How could this all be taking
The summer’s broke
I knew it wouldn’t last this long

Can You Guess It?

Want some liquid lightning
Its terrible and frightening
Or something you could bite in
Hey kid are you listening
My moonshine is drinkable
Wooden ships unsinkable
The future is apocraphal
You may just need this silver bowl
Or how ‘bout a hammer son
Shover, rake, perhaps a gun
Take some fruity bubble gum
You can blow your bubble on the run
But if you want your head to spin
Check out my stash of medicine
The captains call is all mixed in
I think that you should answer him

And guess it, ya get it right
Can you guess it, get it right

Hey kid you’re gonna need some provisions
You got yourself in a very strange position

If you run away
Don’t take me with you cause I want to stay
Out there on the road
I got my camping stove
Oh boy you never know
And off you go
Off you go.

And we sing like

If you want to stay
You won’t find me round here
I’m gonna run away
Out there on the road
I got my camping stove
Oh boy you never know
And off you go
Off you go

And then we sing


If Carolina couldn’t find her
What good could I do then
Tried hard to find her sister to spite her
All good things come to ends

Mary had a boy and girl
Mary lost them to the world
Mary had no diamonds or pearls
She just tried to un-twirl
The tangle that the world
Had laid around her

A shadowed traveler in a ghost town tavern
Laughing at how we ache
The mountains may crumble and your pony my stumble
But Carolina will get you through the worst


Sunshine sinks us salty merchants
Up the boar shone sandy ridges
Man the starboard spacecraft soundly
Keep it steady or cast a-drift

Cast a-drift

Silver streamlets strip with wonder
Black jack get back fat stack spender
Bed down for the night beside her
Sing a song and light her fire
Cast a-drift

Busted flat with no spare tire
The bitch is broke, the bastard’s buying
The wind kicks up, the sand flies high
Left behind all kinds to find


She wears a scarf wrapped tightly round her head
She wakes me in the morning with her fingers on my skin
She takes me in knows where I’ve been she knows what I have done
And when she’s gone the emptiness around her comes undone

She comes out of nowhere, yes, she’s come out from the darkness
I’m thinking that she might be a figment of my mind
I’m drinking coffee as she draws with chalk on the pavement
Telling me the trouble that she’s traveled in her time

Who knows who I’ll be seeing with the coming season
Who’s wooden shoes may come unglued when we go out drinking
Or if my happiness right now is barrowed from the future
I’ll bend and fold
I’m melting just like gold
Ignoring any reason

I watch her while she’s sleeping ‘till she turns on to her side
And I’m thinking that she’s mine and I want to treat her right
With my fingers in her hair I say her middle name
She says I say it wrong
But I say it anyway


Coal Miner

We’re coal miners
Digging our own graves
I know that one day this mine
Will take my life away

A cave-in took my brother
The black lung took my dad
And working in this deep dark hole’s
The only life they ever had

My wife and I have had three girls
And we have had four sons
But if they lead the life I’ve got
I wish that I had never had one

The union men keep telling us
We must organize
The boss’s men just beat us down
Every time we try

Cobble Shop

Cobble shop, cobble shop
There’s a whole in my boot
And the rain is getting in
Making my toes cold

Cobble shop could you fix it
Cobbler man I need a sole
I’ve been treading heavy through these
City streets and country roads
Oh yes! My path is steady
Like smoke from brimstone

Cobble shop, cobble shop
Its too dark I cannot see
And all the folks around here
Wear tennis shoes made over seas

There are still plenty of churches
I’ll find one and light a candle
So I can warm up my feet


I couldn't help but notice
You're a little out of focus
Your color has gone mad

Everyday that you borrow
you'll be paying back tomorrow
As long as there is love

We may grow tired and curse the friends we have
WE may breath fire and do it all again
But no one here's required to break the vows they give
Or give in to the hour, give in to the hour
Give in to the hour and see what fate may bring

To Constantine
How long have you been staring
At that lady on the landing
A raven at your door

Her apple tree is ready
But poisoned by the country
Corrupted by your love

I've been waiting and I've been shaking off these chains
If you come release me I'll do for you the same
And as we lie here panting all tangled up in arms
We may be delivered, we may be delivered
We may be delivered and no longer be afraid

Of Constantine
I'm finished with this waiting
This anticipating
If you'll ever come

Everyday that you borrow
You'll be paying back tomorrow
As long as there is love

You shouldn't try to cage a bird or tame the wild one
And sometimes your companion may decide to just move on
Or alcohol and Augustine may spoil all your plans
But plans are for the faithful, plans are for the faithful
Plans are for the faithful and I'm just following my heart

To Constantine
Let's surrender and believe it
Apologize and mean it
Steal back our souls

Oh, Constantine
Everyday that you borrow
You'll be paying back tomorrow
As long as there is love

Country Seductiony

The bathtub’s full but the well’s gone dry
Come over here darling lets give it a try
I’ll scrub your back if you scrub mine
And we feed your horse a watermelon rind

The barns been cleaned and the fields been plowed
Don’t worry mama we can be loud
Cause all the other kids are shopping in town
And they won’t be back ‘til the sun is setting down

Its another song, ‘nother song, ‘nother song, ‘nother song
Of country, country seduction

I’ll help you out with all your chores
I’ll take the saddle off your horse
Why don’t you ride bare back any more
You’re giving your horse some saddle sores

I’ll braid your hair I’ll shave your legs
I’ll help your chickens lay their eggs
I’m on my knees don’t make me beg
Get out your bull whip so we can go play

Cowboy's Lullaby

Cowboys playing soda cans
Horses playing chess
Cattle drinking coffee
And smoking cigarettes

The Mexican bandits
Are late for the show
Afraid of manana
They don’t want to go

And those carnival stars
Swing from side to side
With the moon looking on
Like she’s got nothing to hide
Card games of solitaire
Are floating through the night
No one can win them
Except the morning light
The sheriff is lonely
He’s sleeping in his cell
He can’t find his outlaw
Though he wishes him well

And the squaws and the braves
Try and learn Japanese
With the chieftains playing marbles
On their hands and knees

The bison are laughing
At a stand-up routine
Their parents all looked shocked
Though the jokes are all clean

A Norwegian con-man
Finds a Mexican whore
As her children find Jesus
In the chapel next door

And space men disguised as cactus
Standing in a row
Trying to hold their breath
And with hold what they know

Cops Took My Weed

The cops took my weed
In Missouri
And fortunately
They let me go
But they gave me a ticket
And they gave me a court date
On April 13th
I must return to Missouri

And I’ll face the judge
Tell him its my medicine
And that I cannot live
I cannot live, I cannot live
In this country anymore

They left us in the cold
And they made us drop our drawers
They opened every door every door
And when the search was done
They found seven plastic baggies
With marijuana crumbs
And their bust
Was just a joke on us

Crackers and Cheese

If you want to
Have a tasty treat
Get out your blanket
Put shoes on your feet
I’ve got a bottle of red wine
I guarantee we’ll have a good time

Crackers and cheese
I need you

Staring at the motion
Of the ever changing ocean
I got my sun tan lotion
And a very potent potion
Makes me all right

Crackers and cheese
I need you

Get your fix of politics
While drinking down
You’re liquid fix
Watch out so you don’t get sick
Eat something to make it stick
That’s all right

Cricket Friend

It’s and Indian
Summer Sunday song
Ravens rest above
Their San Francisco home
I hear my neighbors
Garden hose
Does he hear
My radio

But today I feel
A flame recede
As lavender
Tries to do the deed
Motorcycles thunder
Break out on a mission
The record plays the same side twice
Without permission

I’m a cricket friend
And a spider host
My concrete garden
Invites the winter’s moss

The city hums
The ocean roars the gentle wind can
Turn concrete into sand
But not in my
Life time
Not in my
Life time

Crop Duster

Dare devil crop duster
Spraying a small field
Flying too near the highway
Through power lines

I am no co-pilot
Screaming to slow it down
Where did I get this feeling
I'm crashing to the ground

Crop duster
Above the world
And he's flying mad
Spraying poison
How long 'til we
Get a chance to sleep

Everything that makes me feel better
Only serves to make things worse
Do you realize the burden
It is to steer this course

You better change the things that you can
Or else they'll just stay the same
Where did I get this vision
Of crashing aeroplanes

Crop duster ....