Back When the Age Was Young

Back when the age was young
Firm apples grew
sweet blossoms blew
Even your lies
ran with the truth
There was no disguise
to cover our youth
The covers on youth
alive in the night
Her parents would be so surprised
So surprised

Here comes a boy
Drunk off a jug
Happy and proud
To be see in love
The eagle flies high
And sleeps in the sky
No dust or mud
Can make this love die
Alive in the night
Her parents would be so surprised
So surprised

But her parents back home
Would never approve
They couldn't lose
Their little girl
So she snuck out each night
Doing the worst she can
'Cause there's not man
To stop the boy that I am

Alive in the night
Her parents would be so surprised
So surprised

Barnacle Betty

Dives like a dolphin
Swims like the sun
Mistress of tide pools
Queen when summer’s begun

I see her shadow
Out in the reef
Young boys to follow
To find their relief

Barnacle Betty
Beneath the waves
Barnacle Betty

Is gonna have it her way

They hear her singing
Out in the night
Where waves are crashing
They drown where they try

Down at the crossroads
Where the waves swell
She meets Poseidon
Tells him to go to hell

Barnacle Betty . . .

And when the storm came
The sky turned grey
She was sucked under
And that’s where she stayed

But young boys still hear her
To this very day
Barnacle Betty
Will have it her way


There’s a beehive in the old oak tree
Keeping each other company
Sweet things are said to the bees from the trees
He whispers to them back with the rustle of his leaves

And it’s all right

If you want to climb that tree, well, you might get stung
If you need to do some climbing find a different one
The honey is protected, it can’t even be inspected
By the bosom of the bark as hard as any bark can bee

There’s a bee hive in the old oak tree
They don’t need a thing from you or me
But sometimes I go and see them cause in know where they are hidden
And I think that they are living so beautifully

I know
I know
And it’s all right
I know

Blackbird on a Wire

Blackbird in the sun light
Rules all that he sees
Black birds are watching me
From the rookery

If I had wings I'd fly away
Fly across the sea
Until I found an unknown land
Where no one's heard of me

I wouldn't even have a name
Call me what you will
I will be a black bird
On your window sill

Black bird on a lamp post
Black bird on a wire
Black bird over valleys
Black birds in a line
Single file
Black birds crossing boarders
Black birds atop a hill
Black bird over water
Black bird on your window sill
On your window sill

Secrets are so very sweet
Secrets I keep well
I have secrets that need
Some one I can tell

She's the only girl I've loved
Now she's gone away
And I never knew until
It was too late

Black bird on a lamp post ...


Sitting at the foot of a thousand years
Climbing to the sky on concrete gears
There’s a treasure deep inside
But where’s unclear
There’s a . . .

Foaming phallic functions and tears of joy
Penetrating pistons and high tech toys
The chemicals are coming for the girls and boys
With a lot of work to do
There’s a lot of work to do

You get three shots in Boom Town
Before they throw you out the door
You get three shots in Boom Town
They don’t need you anymore

Pushing past the limits every minute that we did it
Like the burning churning yearning of gigantic midgets
The combustible’s compressed, calmly we hit it
With a . . .

Patriotic pleasure pumping proudly through the people
Church bells are a ringing and they’re jumping off the steeples
There’s a chicken in the pot and thread in the needle
With a lot of work to do
There’s a lot of work to do

You get three shots in Boom Town . . .

That’s right, that’s right
It’s a confrontation
That’s right, that’s right
It’s an old conversation
That’s right, that’s right
You’re a stupid nation
That’s right, that’s right

Devil stole my stash
Devil stole my stash
Devil stole my stash I’m pulling
Shiny gold mustache


Bootlegger, music faker
Your kingdom’s coming like a rattle shaker
Teach me how to get the gal
To call the moon and sing out loud

Cause yes I’m going
Smelling fine and glowing
This rainbow that I’m towing
Sure looks good to me

Bootlegger, little maker
Carpet bagging, mouse trap baiter
Take me to the city’s center
Set me up and find me shelter

Yes I guess
I’ve gotten in a mess
But you help me do my best
To leave this kingdom of the west

You’re the only one
You’re the king of kingdom come
My fingers feel numb
And my tongue has gone dumb
So distill a little more
I’ll drink as much as you can pour
‘Cause you help the people roar
You send my spirit out to soar

Bootlegger, window breaker
Sidewalk stepping, midnight waker
Blast the bottles bible burden
Crack the core and part the curtain

Yes I’m dry
But there’s water in my eyes
I’m trying and she tries
To make it through the night