All I've Got

I have got a taste on my tongue
Barely got the breath to fill my lungs
Broken promises are all I've got to give
To you

I have got a feeling in my bones
The feeling that I will never know
If the faded memories of the love you had for me
Are true

That's all that I've got
Faithless histories
Reckless fantasies
That's all that I've got

There's a beating in my brains
The more I change the more it stays the same
There's nothing I can do but try and see it through
To the end

That's all I've got
Visions in my mind
To help me pass the time
That's all I've got

I had a hundred hopes, a hundred fears
One hundred broken hearts, a thousand years
One hundred times I'd say I'd give it all a way
For just one more day with you

That's all I've got
Hope for one more day
One more fleeting day
That's all I've got

All That I Am

All that I am
Is all that I am
And while I am a man
I’ll be rambling’

Doing what I please
Yes indeed, yes indeed
Doing what I please
Yes indeed

I have no trouble sleeping
But sometimes I feel it creeping
That I’m not even worth a damn
I’m better off a loner
I can’t hurt no one more
I can’t no one anymore

I leave a trail of destruction
As I go, as I go
A trail of destruction as I go
I leave the poor girls crying
Or leave tears of my own
Tears of my own
Of my own

I’ve forgotten that I’m trying to do no wrong
Forgotten that I’m trying to do no wrong
I’ve broken all my dreams
I’ve ripped the seams clean
I’ve broken all my dreams
All my dreams

All The Pretty Birds

All the pretty birds
Are eating ugly bugs
  In a pretty tree
Growing out of dirty mud
And the sun shines down
Through rain clouds
And baby I love you
I really do, I really do

   The night gets awefuly dark
And lit up full of stars
But I never see ‘em
Cause I’m sitting in a bar
Where I drink, and drink
Until I cannot think
Oh, baby, I love you
I really do, I really do

  I hate this dusty road
Its twisted and untrue
But I can’t complain
Because the road lead me to you
And one day or two or more
I’ll be knocking on your door
Shave and a haircut
Today, today.

  I’m bringing you a bird
I keep it in a cage
And if you let it out
Its gonna  fly away
And never again
Be locked in
Baby, I love you
I really do, I really do.

  Lets sing some pretty songs
Filled with dirty words
And feed the ugly bugs
To the pretty birds
They use their beaks
To find what’s underneath
Cause beauty is skin deep

But not true with you, its not true with you.

All Of Your Cigarettes

1.When all of your cigarettes
Are smoke in the atmosphere
When all of your bottles
Have been shattered into sand
I will understand you

2.Cellophane on window panes
Lets the wind in crackling
Like fire on the mountain
Built with fingers in the sand
I will understand you

3.With all of our fortunes missed
And meteors inside your fist
Laughing spells and coughing fits
I’m looking for a sign
I’ve got to find you


D D7 G D 2x


Demons dwell in business suits
Madmen live in cowboy boots
Someone set the angels loose
They got me in a bind
I’ve got to find you

4.Mercury’s been passing through
Subway stations on the moon
She’s sinking now a bit too soon
She’s feeling awful low
That’s how I know you

5.When the Martian towers lie
Visible to naked eyes
And it takes no strength to try
To just get up and go
I will know you

An Aeroplane Has Never Seen It

Some where out there in the middle of the ocean
I’m sure that there’s a city made of gold
And it dives and it rises according to the tides
But it always stays afloat no matter how wicked the storm

An aeroplane has never seen it
A submarine would always miss it
The CIA is trying to forget it
But if you want it
If you want it you can have it

A dried out old hide out constructed in the desert
No one knows by who except the ones that live there still
And they transmit their cosmic message to the masses
Put up your antennae if you want to tune on in

‘Cause an aeroplane won’t get you there
Dirigibles are full of hot air
Army jeeps are hard to steer
Asking questions
You’re getting nearer

In the deepest and darkest jungles and the forests
Living in the trees underneath the canopies
The people are brothers, loving one another
They don’t have a secret just ‘cause no one cares to ask

And an aeroplane is surely useless
Computer systems leave you clueless
The telephone won’t get you through this
Without your brain
Your mind is soulless
Don’t be soulless

Angel Shot Down

Destitute soldier
Your jacket has holes
Your body can’t seem to
Hold onto its soul

In the gutter like trash
Asleep on the street
Like an angel shot down
And knocked off his feet

The panicking polite
Shot the big gun
Squeezing the trigger
Punching the nun

He shot a line of holes in the sky
That went through his back
And into his spine

He fell like a dagger
This angel shot down
And screamed hallelujah
Before he was gone

Apocalyptic Cowboy

Help me get to heaven or to hell
There’s very little differences as far as I can tell
And I’m so sick and tires
What ever you’re selling
I’m not buying it

Sit yourself down in your old rocking chair
Take a look at the sky to make sure that its still there
Hopes coming down but my feet refuse to move
Tell everybody we ain’t got nothing else to loose

Apricot Orchard

Apricot Orchard
Blackberry Bobcat
Pickled Eucalyptus Leaf
Black bark walnut
Summer toasted dirt clod
Wild oat and buck wheat
Sweat dripping down your cheek
Smog fills in the Valley

Working through the summer days
Without the slightest chance of rain
Or even the small relief
Of the shade beneath the oak tree
Taking off your working boots
When the day is ending
Don't want to move again
But you go back the next morning

Halfway through the early shift
I start wondering about lunch time
Tighten up my belt a notch
And keep working down the line
Raul has gone crazy
His insulin is dropping
Get this man some soda pop
Before he chops his fingers off

The tractor just stopped working
In the middle of the field
I had to walk all the way back
To go get the mechanic
I don't mind the time off
That noisy dusty machine
Giving me the chance to think
About what I'm going to do that evening